The problem:
A few months ago we noticed that after updating either Virtuozzo or OpenVZ utilities, we would no longer be able to reboot Redhat 7 virtual environments (VEs – or VPS [virtual private servers]).

We tracked this down to the fact that Virtuozzo and OpenVZ have the code:

CP='/bin/cp -f --preserve=mode,ownership'

 in the files: dists/scripts/ & dists/scripts/functions

The above scripts are executed in the VEs to setup networking – the problem is that RedHat 7 supports only 'cp –preserve' and not 'cp –preserve=…' and therefore the startup scripts can't run and setup networking in the VEs.

The Solution:
The solution is easy:

Just modify:  dists/scripts/ & dists/scripts/functions  (in /etc/vz for OpenVZ or /etc/sysconfig/vz for Virtuozzo) and remove the "=mode,ownership"  text. That will fix it.

Important: You must manually make the above changes after any time that Virtuozz or OpenVZ releases a new version of the virtuozzo tools because they will override this.

(update) Bug Report submitted to OpenVZ:
We opened a bug report with OpenVZ and they've responded, however we're unsure if they will fix it – we asked for clarification but we've received no response.

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