Background: OpenVZ is a (stripped down) free, open-source version of Virtuozzo linux virtualization software. The modified OpenVZ kernel allows server operators to partition their servers into multiple Virtual Environments running a different Linux distribution. Outdated Kernel: As of now (Oct 10th, 2006) the latest Kernel listed on the RHEL4 download page (version 2.6.9-023stab016.2) is vulnerable […]

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maintenance on October 1st, 2006

The problem:A few months ago we noticed that after updating either Virtuozzo or OpenVZ utilities, we would no longer be able to reboot Redhat 7 virtual environments (VEs – or VPS [virtual private servers]). We tracked this down to the fact that Virtuozzo and OpenVZ have the code: CP='/bin/cp -f –preserve=mode,ownership'  in the files: dists/scripts/ […]

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