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:: Web Hosting Architecture ::

While most web hosting companies consist of a single $99/month web server rented at a datacenter hundreds of miles away, we have built our network and web hosting architecture from the ground up at a datacenter where we have 24/7/365 access to our equipment.

Our Private Floor Space = Your Peace of Mind!
In order to ensure maximum uptime for your websites, we rent our own private, caged (secure and locked) floor space at a world-class datacenter operated by Savvis (www.savvis.net). What does this mean to you? It means that while majority of web hosts are at the mercy of the datacenter they rent their server from, we are free to operate on and access our servers and network equipment 24/7/365. This means that in the (rare) event of a hardware failure, our staff can easily work on any hardware needed instead of having to wait on a technician hundreds of miles a way who may, or may not, know what they are doing.

Having physical access to our servers and floor space 24/7/365 puts us at an advantage over the majority of web hosting companies. Our setup allows us to easily modify, upgrade and expand our network and services. Because we operate our own network hardware - our Cisco Routers and switches, we are able to configure them for optimal performance which in turn means faster access times for you and your customers! Access to our floor space also enables us to provide customers with onsite as well as offsite backups for security. In addition, being a direct customer of a Tier-1 bandwidth provider we are assured that your customers can reach your website through the quickest means possible. Unlike other web hosting companies who operate their single server out of a low-cost-based datacenter, the traffic from our network to the internet is segregated from our neighbors. This means that a rogue customer cannot deny or slow access to your website because of excessive usage.

Our Web Hosting Architecture
Our web hosting architecture sets us aside from most web hosting companies. While most web hosting companies operate a single server that supports the web page service, FTP, Virus/Spam Scanning, Email, Databases, DNS and more - Elite Hosts takes a different approach. From the onset, we realized that running all of these resources intensive programs (especially Virus/Spam scanning) all on one server will significantly degrade performance and access times to websites. Aside from performance decreases, there is a more significant problem with this architecture - there is a single point of failure. If that one web server goes down, not only do your websites go down, but your email does as well! In order to ensure the quickest access time and the most efficiently used servers, we've taken a different approach. We run separate servers for separate services in order to ensure that there is no degradation of service and no single point of failure!. Running DNS/Email/Web Hosting services on different servers also enables us to grow without limits - there is no limit to the number of emails that our architecture can handle - we can simply add more servers to pick up additional load!

Custom Software = Flexibility, Scalability, Customizability and Reduced Cost
Unlike most web hosting companies which rely on the "soup-of-the-day" control panel, we've taken matters into our own hands! We've written our own billing systems, server management software and our own control panel. This has many advantages include:
1) Security - We do not rely on 3rd party companies for critical security and feature updates.
2) Knowledge - Since we author our own Control Panel, we have an in-depth knowledge of how our servers operate and we do not rely on a 3rd party for product support.
3) Customizable - We can customize our Control Panel for you - new features, new look etc...
4) Accessibility - We have the ability to offer an Online Account Manager which allows you to view your customer profile, billing items and payment history.
5) Scalability - There is no limit to how many servers we can add and run - our Control Panel can scale to thousands of servers if needed!
6) Cost - By not having to pay any monthly licensing fees, we can pass our savings on to you!

Servers With RAID-Protected Storage
What does this mean? This means that your data is on servers that run hardware which automatically copy your written data to more than one harddrive and read your data from the fastest available harddrive! Ask another web hosting company what will happen if a drive in their server fails - they will most likely tell you that they will restore from backups. NOT US. All of our shared web hosting clients are on servers running hardware RAID! Your data is safe and protected against isolated harddrive failures! Even if a drive were to fail, the server would not crash or blink an eye! To the contrary, the server will keep running off the remaining functioning drives while an email is sent to our emergency staff about the failure.

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