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Your website will be hosted on the Savvis backbone, one of the top backbones in the country!

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Reseller Benefits

- Risk Free!
- Earn $100s each month!
- Unlimited Domains Hosted
- Free IPOD Shuffle
- Fantastico (dozens of pre-installed Scripts)
- Enom Domain reseller account
- ClientExec Billing Solution
- Much more!

 Receive A Free IPOD Shuffle
All new and current customers who purchase a new Elite, Advanced or Corporate reseller hosting package will receive a free IPOD Shuffle!

Don't delay, this offer is for a limited time only !

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 IPOD Shuffle Frequenty Asked Questions
How Can I get My Free IPOD Shuffle?
Three months after ordering any of our eligable reseller hosting packages, we will ship your IPOD Shuffle to your door.

What if I don't want the IPOD Shuffle or live outside the United States?
You can choose to receive 3 months of free service instead of the IPOD Shuffle. Simply let us know.

Is there anything else that has to be done to receive my IPOD Shuffle?
As long as you are an active, paid customer on the Elite, Advanced or Corporate reseller hosting plan for 3 full months, you will be eligible to receive your reward. You do not have to refer anyone to us or meet any other conditions. There is a $15 shipping and handling fee (anywhere in the United States) as stated in the Official Rules and Conditions

Which reseller plan do I have to purchase to receive my free IPOD Shuffle?
The Elite, Advanced and Corporate plans include either 3 months of free service or a Free IPOD Shuffle (you choose). The Mini plan does not include either reward.

* Order Now! There is a free IPOD Shuffle waiting for you!

Official Rules and Conditions


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