Background: OpenVZ is a (stripped down) free, open-source version of Virtuozzo linux virtualization software. The modified OpenVZ kernel allows server operators to partition their servers into multiple Virtual Environments running a different Linux distribution. Outdated Kernel: As of now (Oct 10th, 2006) the latest Kernel listed on the RHEL4 download page (version 2.6.9-023stab016.2) is vulnerable […]

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maintenance on October 1st, 2006

The problem:A few months ago we noticed that after updating either Virtuozzo or OpenVZ utilities, we would no longer be able to reboot Redhat 7 virtual environments (VEs – or VPS [virtual private servers]). We tracked this down to the fact that Virtuozzo and OpenVZ have the code: CP='/bin/cp -f –preserve=mode,ownership'  in the files: dists/scripts/ […]

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maintenance on September 19th, 2006

This post focuses on the S-word.  SPAM. How can ISPs & Web Hosts stop spam? How can we fight back?  What tools can we use to fight back? What  methods can be used on the server-level to protect end-user inboxes? There are some things in life that just make me smile: Ice cream Watching Borat […]

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maintenance on September 14th, 2006

In today’s web hosting world there is a 'de-facto' control panel called cPanel. There is a large segment of reseller hosting and shared hosting customers who look for cPanel hosts. To a certain extent, many of those looking for reseller web hosting accounts are looking for cPanel hosts. Because cPanel is one of the most […]

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maintenance on September 1st, 2006

After being first reported in April of 2006 (in this forum post), Mahesh Slaria from Kayako told the community how to fix this problem by changing some code (it is not fixed in the current stable build). For a while now we've had customers with email addresses complaining about receiving blank emails from our […]

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